Oasis of the Seas is one of the most emotional Royal Caribbean voyage vessels, and it’s packed with plenitude to see, do and enjoy onboard.

Naturally, it’s easy to miss commodity onboard, so we’ve our list of the stylish retired secrets fluently overlooked on Oasis of the Seas. This includes the changes Royal Caribbean made to Oasis of the Seas in 2019 as part of her$ 165 modification.

10. Solarium sun sundeck bodies

On sundeck 15, if you venture to the front of the boat and into the Solarium, you’ll find a vast out-of-door sundeck in the very front that offers not only ample seating, but viewing platforms that spurt out from the side of the boat to give a fantastic perfect edge point.

Whether sailing into a harborage, departing another, or just enjoying the view of the ocean, these sun sundeck bodies are always a good print occasion.

9. Central Park viewing overlook

There are a brace of overlooks in Central Park that give not only fresh seating in this popular neighborhood, but a neat edge point.

They’re accessible from the posterior elevator banks on 9.

8. Johnny Rockets for breakfast

Everyone knows Johnny Rockets offers some amazing burgers and milk shakes for lunch, regale and late night but did you also know that Johnny Rockets is open for breakfast? And it’s free!

generally, Johnny Rockets is open from 730 am to 1000 am, and it’s a great spot to snare breakfast that won’t be as crowded as the Windjammer or indeed the main dining room. You’ll have a choice of climbed eggs, omelettes, flapjacks, French Toast and further.

Plus, you get a nice morning walk on the walk to go on with those eggs!

7. lower crowded lunch spot on embarkation day

When you board Oasis of the Swell on your first day and want nearly a less crowded for lunch, try the Solarium Cafe.

Located on Deck 15 forward, the Solarium Cafe doesn’t get nearly as crowded as the Windjammer and if you’re boarding in the autumn when everyone wants to snare lunch, try the Solarium Cafe as a good volition.

The Solarium Cafe also has some beautiful views of the Solarium pool and the ocean too.

6. Quiet spot to relax

Looking for nearly that’s shadowed and is quiet and a great spot to sit and relax?

Head to sundeck 5 and go all the way to the posterior of the boat. You’ll find chairpersons that have a great view of the ocean and are generally devoid of other passengers. You can also pierce this area by going behind the AquaTheater and going down the stairs.

5. Secret AquaTheater viewing area

still, there’s a retired viewing area most guests are ignorant of to see the show, If you don’t have tickets to a show in the AquaTheater.

Walk to the AquaTheater, but go to either the left or right of the theater to find stairs that lead to the gemstone climbing wall area. There’s a large viewing area, that indeed has a many chairpersons to enjoy.

When there isn’t a show, it’s still a great spot to enjoy a view of the ocean going past you.

4. Small prodigies

Hidden each over Oasis of the Swell is a series of art displays known as” Small prodigies”, where you’ll find 42 natural prodigies deposited each over the boat.

When you find one, there will be commodity that looks like a periscope or telescope that if you blink into, you’ll find these bitsy three dimensional pieces of art.

This is a fun exertion for kiddies or grown-ups to try to find them all and it’s one of those hidden gems numerous guests simply overlook.

Hint if you give up and can not find them all, Guest Services can give you with a list of them all to help!

3. Virtual reality games

Royal Caribbean’s smart phone app is free to use onboard the boat, and features a many virtual reality games that you can play in the Boardwalk neighborhood.

Once in the Boardwalk, look for the colorful game bills near Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade. Launch the app, elect the icon that looks like a circus roof and also point your camera towards the bill.



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