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Pricing: $43.99 USD (Group price 20 people required)
Child: $35 USD Children under ages 4 are free, transportation
is included.
08:30 AM   09:00 AM  10:00 AM  11:15
AM  01:45 PM
Length of Tour: 2 ½ hours
Recommend: Sunblock lotion, camera, towel arm floatees
for kids under ages 4

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A snorkelers dream, wake up in a snorkeler’s paradise.

This wonderful 3 hour half day snorkel tour is
a snorkelers dream come true and is highly recommended. This tour
consists of stingray city, coral garden and the barrier reef in
the crystal clear water of Grand Cayman is hard to beat! This is ranked
as one of the best 3 hour snorkel tour you’ll find anywhere.

The Cayman Island is well known for its banking
industry, but if the Island name should ever be changed, Stingray
Island would be the top name on the list recommended. Approximately
4 miles offshore on the north side of Grand Cayman in a 8-10 foot
deep 8 mile wide bay call north sound is where stingray city is located.
A sandbar was formed because of the natural rotation of the currents.
According to old time fishermen all types of rays from the ray family
came to the sand bar to feed by using there 25 horsepower vacuum
suction types mouth to eat crabs and crustation from out of the sand,
while the fishermen got off there boat because it was the most convenient
place to clean their catch. The southern stingray’s that now
visits stingray city everyday appreciate the food fishermen brought
and in return has form a bond by in 2-5 foot deep water, allowing
human’s to pet, kiss and take pictures while they rub against
you graciously and sometimes swim between your legs, the world original
stingray city. (Please listen out for special instructions before
getting off your boat at stingray city or any other stop.)

The Cayman Island is also well known for its amazing reefs, beautiful
coral formation and ton of multi colored fish, some people even sometimes
see Dori and Nemo.

The captain before leaving the dock will brief you on where to
find the restroom, life jackets, fruit punch water and ice on board
for your 30 minutes ride out to stingray city.

(You will be spending approximately 30 minutes at each snorkel

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